Snapshots of Superior

Just uploading 40 new small paintings April 2017

Hi folks, I've been up to my old and painting. 
I've been painting most everyday since the second week of February and keeping it simple, small but full of detail. Once again the theme is celebrating this wonderful place in the world where I live...namely the North Shore of Lake Superior. Living up here is paradise...the fishing ( to which I am severely addicted ) is incredible and the landscape pulses with life, energy and magnificent colours. 

I'm going to start posting these small paintings and write a description about their location and what inspired me to paint them. 

As with all my paintings (although I really like them) they are for sale. The size is small but the work is well ( what would best describe)...I could use a big long description but basically I really feel privileged to be living here and hopefully these little paintings carry this message. 

I've been driving along this coastal highway since the early sixties and never get tired of the rugged beauty the Superior Coastline has to offer.

The weather patterns can change within minutes and make painting an exciting adventure. 

The paintings evoke the beauty and power of Lake Superior

These little paintings measure 4"x4" with 1 1/2''painted gallery wrapped sides. They can stand by themselves and  look great on dressers, side tables. I usually write a description of the painting on the back. These paintings sell for $40.00 ea. and ship anywhere in Canada and the US for $6.00. For other countries please send an inquiry using my email form. Please note that some of these paintings have been sold and have been marked accordingly. Please order by title....Many thanks for you support.